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Dumb? Me or the device

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Got my Touch HD yesterday and had a small play with it - no extensive.

Initial questions I have are

1. Some applications aren't landscape/portrait aware from the accelerometer - can you force the screen to rotate? I can't see the option in the settings and it was there on my TyTnII

2. Opera - following links seems hit or miss - for instance the bbc website looks fab on the screen but I can't get a link to be followed except by opening it in a new tab

3. Flo Music player - like previous windows mobile devices I've owned I get an audible click occasionally when music is playing. It might be related to being on the tube and it searching for a signal. I tried putting it in airplane mode which seemed to reduce the frequency but no eliminate it. Is there a fix/work around for this?

4. Flo Photo browser - how do you configure it to look in different folders for photos?

5. Heptactic feedback - this seems to only work on the answer/reject/home/back buttons and sometimes in opera - why not on the keyboard? Can that be turned on?


1. TouchFlo much faster than previous diamond versions - no lag at all from what I've seen

2. Screen is fantastic - when you show people for the first time there is always a "wow!"

3. Sound - apart from comment above it's really good and loud!

4. My daughter (8) thinks its the coolest phone she's ever seen!


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