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T-mobile CS ? gone downhill

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Have I been unlucky or has T-mobile customer service dropped through the floor? Had a dismal experience roaming in Uruguay, came back and called to to check that there were no blocks on my account. It went along these kind of lines:

cs - what's your password

me - can't remember, do you have a prompt?

cs - No prompt sorry, passwords are usually something memorable

me - no idea

cs - just list your memorable things

me - no I'm not going to list that

cs - I use my son's name for all my passwords/memorable info

me - right

cs - yes that way you don't forget

me - so what's his name then?

cs - aaron

- Does this seem a bit dim to anyone else?

[ we go through the amount of last bill to open my account]

I relay the roaming problems

cs - Well there's no point phoning now! What are you expecting me to do?

me - check if there is anything on my account that was blocking data, sms, incoming calls, voicemail access

cs - spiel on manual network selection

me - I took my vodaphone blackberry on the same trip and it just worked

etc etc - I guess the actual advice was OK but he was pretty arsey for most of it, so when the texts asking for feedback came through I marked the first two pretty low and they didn't bother sending the third. Surely as a customer services organisation if you've had bad feedback you should follow it up?

Rant over - just unlucky I guess, but they were much better when I spoke to them about some phone issues just after I started the contract.....

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