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THE DEVIL HAS COME TO MY DEVICE!anyway i need ppc rom

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Something made me hard reset it 7 times,anyway i got a chinese site with a ppc rom for oxygen and it had a site with news and download links,one didnt work,here: http://hi.baidu.com/oynt/blog/item/06333fa...b4ca130c6a.html

The only thing i get is squares:PPC FOR 310 基本定型2008年05月13日 星期二 17

well,almost everything.and the download link: http://www.fs2you.com/files/fef47168-2cc5-...3-0014221f4662/ is dead.well i have wm6.1 sp but i want a ppc wm6.1 rom please or the wm6.5 rom the xperia is running.i have not been answered in some REQUESTS topic yet, so take your time,i helped many newbies,so its time for you to help me.

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