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SensorLock - Locking/Unlocking the Fuze with a simple gesture

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Over at freewarepocketpc, a brilliant little App is awaiting your attention! B)

Sensor Lock is a tasty little bit of freeware that allows you to define a pair of gestures to lock and unlock your phone. Now we're not talking 'swipes' here, I mean gestures with the phone in your hand. The defaults involve rolling the phone over along the longitudinal (the longest in this case) axis of the phone. That's it - roll it over one way, and the phone locks. Stuff it in your pocket with no worries about activating the screen or keys. Take it out and roll it the other way and it's unlocked and ready to go. Pretty neat and simple, and if you're used to a good 'roll over' now and then, or to 'rolling your own' it should be second nature! B)

The truly tast parts are still to come. You can define custom getures to replace the defaults by 'recording'' the gesture. Fair warning tho - this is in beta and I and a few others have had a bit of difficulty getting the program to recognize the 'recorded' gesture once you leave the cusomization screen. Be smarter than me - cusomize the 'lock' gesture first to test how it's working on your handset, not the 'unlock' gesture B)

And there's more. You are offered a veritable buffet of options regarding what to lock (screen, keyboard or both), what to do when a call comes in (wake the phone in the locked state or the unlocked state - unlock it automatically when the call connects (I was puzzled by this, until I remembered that you can set the phone to auto-answer after a defined set of rings) - auto lock when the phone goes to 'sleep' or not - auto unlock when it 'wakes up' - enable or disable the program when on external power, or when the phone is vertical and many more. B)

At first I was a bit irritated and missed several calls fumbling with a locked but ringing phone, until I dug in and customized it to suit my style and (lack of)co-ordination level. I encourage you to give it a whirl B) and remember if it's annoying you ,you probably just need to change the settings!

Kudos to the Developer of this nice little App! you can get it at: http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-sensorlock.html


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