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Full YouTube App IS Installed & Functional on the AT&T Fuze

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Like all Fuze owners, I've been seething that AT&T 'removed' the Youtube App from the TouchPro before selling it to me. It's loaded with more Bloatware than any phone in history, but the one thing I would REALLY use - they took off!! B)

Well folks, they didn't do a very good job and it turns out you DO have the Youtube App on your Fuze - they just hid it from you B)

With a quick COPY and PASTE, you will have all of Youtube at your fingerprints (your phone IS covered in fingerprints isn't it B)

So here's how to enjoy Youtube on your Fuze, with nary a Hack or tweek required.

Use File Explorer to open the Windows folder on the phone. Scroll to the bottom (assuming you're sorting them alphabetically), you will see a couple of 'Youtube' items. highlight the one named 'Youtube.lnk' and COPY it. Then migrate over to the "Start Menu' or the 'Programs' Folder (I prefer the 'Start Menu' so it's readily accessable, but you can have it either way) and PASTE the file in. Power the phone off and on (soft reset) to load the program into the start menu (if that's where you chose to put it). You can also copy the other file over to the Programs Folder if you like, but that will duplicate the entire App program so you'll be using up storage space for no reason. But go ahead if you wish.

Voila! You've defeated AT&T! B)

Go to Programs - All Programs and way down the bottom of the list you will find YouTube. Press it and enjoy!

It's a pretty complete application, with search, favorites etc. The rendering is a good match for the screen resolution, and it downloads and runs very quickly if you have a WiFi connection. It seems to download the entire video before playing, so even under 3G there's a fair wait to download the file before it runs, but the payoff is the video is smooth with no choppyness or pauses (at least that's what I've sen so far).



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