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I have upgraded one of my handsets recently and will upgrade the other in the New Year, leaving me two Vario II's to play with. Anyone any advice on which is the 'best' ROM - could be fastest, coolest looking, most functional - preferably with link, best Radio, any cool things I should be doing with it?

Would love to put Android on one but AFAIK the processor is not compatible?

EDIT - Going for Blinky11's v3.9 ROM with Radio or

EDIT 2 - So far, mostly so good! With the SPB customisation it looks pretty cool. However, Skyfire simply will not connect and neither will the Google Mail java app. Internet Explorer and Google Maps works fine. I put the carrier info in using a customisation file I have used previously found on XDA. Having checked it though it only seems to have defined 'The Internet' and this has a proxy. Just unticked 'Use Proxy' - so will see if that helps.

EDIT 3 - Much sweetness! Used the TMob cab PRyder supplied to me a year or so ago and now all my connection problems have disappeared. So my rather sad looking old Vario II now feels much fresher and funkier!

post-15319-1228135999_thumb.jpg post-15319-1228135982_thumb.jpg post-15319-1228136231_thumb.jpg

Question is - What should I do with the second one.............!!! (Actually I have been playing with Webcamera Plus and might just use the other one as a webcam, although I will probably use a different ROM on it)

EDIT 4 - Running PhamQuang 2DManilla v.20 on my other handset and it is really rather cool. Love the UI - feels like a completely different phone. Sadly CoolCapture is not working so I can't post screen shots but it looks great.

EDIT 5 - Decided to link to the photo posted by the ROM chef. Loving it. Probably switch back to the Blinky ROM at some point though - this phone was meant to be a SIM unlocked spare and I am not sure whether I can update the radio ROM without the phone becoming SIM locked again. If I could run a more recent radio I would probably keep going with this one.


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