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Migrate from Vodafone to Vodafone?

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Is it possible to use a PAC number to migrate to the same provider that you're leaving? Or will that warp the fabric of space-time and lead to much confusion?

I currently have a business contract with them which expired many months ago and want to upgrade (to a Touch HD most likely) but since I don't often use any minutes above the inclusive ones they won't give me any sort of deal, so I might as well take out a new contract and pay less than I'm paying at the moment for more and get the phone for free.

Or am I better off migrating elsewhere anyway? I'm aiming for 30-35 a month (or less!) with data and a moderate amount of minutes and texts, and the phone for free. (basically equivalent to the iphone package but not with an iphone!)


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Unfortunately not, you need to switch providers if you want to port your number.

Best thing is to post to a cheap PAYG network then port back again.

The only downside is it may cost a bit more.

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