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New Fuze owner looking for ROM advice

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Hi folks - just my second post here, but have been lurking around since X-mas when i got my Fuze to replace my 8525 which lost its audio capability after being dropped from only 3 feet high or so :rolleyes:.

I've flashed my old 8125 and 8525 a bunch of times, but usually only after tiring of the stock ROM or having a functionality issue.

After seeing all the apps available for WM6.1 devices and the amount of ROMs for the Touch/Fuze, etc, i'm getting very curious about hitting up my new phone with something new.

But, i'm cautious. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in tossing me some info regarding their experiences with particular ROMS on this device.

I'm particularly interested in something that might help the performance of the phone, as i've noticed it's gotten even more "laggy" and sluggish as i've installed new apps.

Either way, any help offered is very much appreciated.

I like the site a lot - seems well organized and packed with info!

Nice job!


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I would Highly recommend the ROMeOS options on the XDA forums. I would give you the exact link but their site is currently down. I really enjoy this ROM and it really sped up my FUZE :rolleyes:! Very nicely! and its useful, without to much crap like the "elite" rom!

Just my opinion :)


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