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Grab the best Omnia Wallpapers

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never thought something as simple as wallpaper could require so much time...downloading programs, converting, saving, cropping blah blah blah....jeez

thank you tho i finally managed to do it the right way...

Yeah, I was using GIMP which was cropping and resizing to 240 x 400 and then converting to 16bit bitmap. They still weren't working. In the end I had to use the converter program from the ppcgeeks link above. Don't know why GIMP's conversion didn't work but at least it's working now and I managed to use only free tools.

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Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum (was looking for the "new users" post to introduce myself but could not find it).

Well, this seams a great web/forum, so I hope we can share knowledge and stuff.

Those are great pics, do you guys now if I could use this with SPB shell? I have an HTC Touch Dual? (I also have installed the SPB mobile shell with Kiro-Luna themes)


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I love you guys! these wallpapers rocks!

saved one by one. and they're fantastic.

Thanks a lot

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