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need help with oxygen pleeeeeeeeeeezzzz help me

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ive got a htc oxygen ( htc S310)

this phone had some probs so i wanted to reflash the rom but it gets stuck in statup mode and it stops at 4 % en goes out i stil can get into the bootloader

on the red screen it says Oxygen ONBL 1.05.000

on green it says Oxygen spl 1.05.0000

on bleu it says Oxygen IU

i cant start it up

pleeeeezzzzzzzzz help me

or ive someon can get me the org orange (dutch ) nbh file i might be able to flash it from sd card

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Are you sure you were using the correct ROM for your device?

Apart from trying a hard reset the only option may be to attempt to reflash again.

Failing that the only other option would be to send the device to an HTC repair center.

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