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Dialing causes 0 to be replaced with *

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I had to recently hard reset my HTC Tytn (T-Mobile Vaio II). Since then, whilst trying to dial a number a funny thing happens as I type a number all my zeroes get replaced with *. Initially I thought the sreen alignment was out but then I saw that as I pressed the 0 button, it did show being pressed. Further as soon as I type the zero the dialing application shows two numbers ... the first number shows the number with the * ... this number is right aligned. At the same time it shows another number with the 0 ... this number will be right aligned.

As an example lets say I need to dial the number 20124631

1. I type 2 ... on the screen the number 2 appears (right aligned)

2. I type 0 ... on the screen 2 seperate series of numbers beging to appear. The right aligned series shows "2*", whilst another left aligned series of numbers shows "20".

3. as I type 1246, I can see the right aligned series displaying "2*1246" and the left aligned series displaying "201246".

4. As soon as I type 3, as the number become too big to show both series, the right aligned series "over takes" the left aligned series and I see "2*12463"

5. When I press the send button it dials "2012463" so hence it does not really seem like a critical issue but it effects my smart dialing experience since it does not show the contact with the number 2012 (which is only one contact)

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