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hi, whats the messaging app please? looks great :lol:

@marg232. It's std winmo messaging but with Ninja4hire's black ninja skin over here http://www.reinout.info/xda/

keyboard is swype with green dusk skin.



I like better the Mintishhippo's iPhone theme - looking amazing in my i900.

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My new theme for SPB MS 3.5.x GALAXY


doc3000 you did an amazing job again...... I am glad I have two omnias, otherwise I wouldn't know which rom and UI to put on.

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Yep ! DOC did it again........WOW ! :)





THESE pics are SPB Shell, right?

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Hey Guys,

Just trying to see what everyone else's phone looks like...whether you choose Widget Today, Today 1, Today 2, SPB mobile shell, Ifonz, M2D , Wisbar etc ...jus show us some screenshots!

Here are mine

SPB Mobile shell..Imarche theme..custom wallpaper!





How do i get those icons

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OK, boys (and girls)!...

As I wrote few... weeks ago, I'm ALMOST finished my... ENGLISH theme!

(I'm not posting any pic - yet, first because I'm not finished the M2Dv2 theme yet and second... to surpise you!)

It's a not "just" a M2D theme; it's a COMPLETED theme - WM6.5 startup, M2D, S2U2...

The progress is:

WM6.5 startup theme.... Ok.

S2U2........................... Ok.

M2D............................ 89%.

So, I said to share you the two first parts and wait a bit for the "main" theme, the Manila2Dv2 theme of mine.

My "total/completed" theme contains:

WM6.5 startup

New animations for power on/off, new sounds for power on/off, new StartUp cursor (based on something I saw and I liked it), new sound for screen-touch/responce (a simply "tick"), new "splash"/wellcome screen, new default WM startup wallpaper (portrait/landscape), new sounds (to used them anywhere you like), 2 special wav files for email/sms (female voice!) and more...

ENGLAND_WM6.5 startup basic theme


New wallpaper (portrait/landscape), new buttons, new menu buttons, new clocks (check the analog clock!!!!), new bars, etc...

M2Dv2 - "Based on OCK's shorter Home tab theme"

New icons, new taskbars, full-screen tittle icons (different for every tab), new tab ("Orange TV") - for use it whatever you like (I'm using it as "Today plugins" page!), new wallpapers (THREE, one for main tabs, one for "Orange TV" & one for Weather tab),... and many more!

EXTRA "goodies":

New FULLSCREEN Home tab Weather icons' pack!

So... enjoy these two first parts... and M2Dv2 ("Based on OCK's short Home tab theme") is coming up... shortly!



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My Screen....

KRadd i908 ZUIF2 Vs. XBIJ1 WM 6.5.X build 23563 Titanium

post-643162-1286894387_thumb.png post-643162-1286894596_thumb.png

Original Screen / With SPB - allbest A.K.A doc3000 (XDA) Galaxy Theme

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