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Leaving T-Mobile? - BEWARE!

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If you are thinking of leaving T-Mobile, it is worth requesting that any information given is also provided in writing.

My wife was able to upgrade on 23rd Jan (her billing date was 22nd of each month). After discovering how limited their handset range was and having a none too pleasant phone call with a rather rude upgrades representative, she decided that she was going to leave them & get a new account on another network.

I phoned T-Mobile on her behalf to obtain information on leaving T-Mobile and obtaining/using a PAC code. I was actually expecting that she would have to stay with them until month 18 was complete. However, this is what I was told...

- Requesting a PAC code is regarded by them as giving them 30 days notice to end the account (but it will not be closed unless the PAC code is used).

- The account will cease on the day the number is transferred.

- The last bill (to 22nd Jan) included cost of price plan covering the period to 22nd Feb, therefore month 18 is already paid for.

- Would be eligible for any over-run of the notice period (from date PAC code requested). So this would be only a day or two pro-rata'd.

- There would be no additional charge for requesting the PAC code or terminating the account.

This all sounded perfectly reasonable, and based upon the information given I requested her PAC code there & then. We got her new account & phone ordered, and within a few days she had received the phone & the number had been transferred.

However, today she has received a message from T-Mobile say that she will be billed for ~£11 shortly. Note: her monthly plan was ~£15. To top it off, they ceased paper bills a couple of months ago, and now she can't access this final bill or the previous bill to check exactly what they think they are charging for.

After a long discussion with a none too helpful T-Mobile CS rep, it appears that what they have done is this...

- Refunded rpice plan from date of number transfer until 22nd Feb.

- Apparently price plan no longer applies, so shhe is then charged for any calls, texts, etc in the couple of days from last bill until getting her new phone.

- As they have now refunded some of the month 18 payment, they have taken the view that she has terminated whilst in contract and have applied a £16.50 charge.

- They WILL send the final bill out in the post, but will only send the bill dated 22nd Jan (which would have only been available to her online for a couple of days) if we pay for it.

I don't know if I am being totally naive, but it seems to me that this is is a really underhanded and immoral action to have taken. Had they given me accurate information in the first place, then she could have waited another month before moving over, and would have avoided all of this.

Does it sound like I have a case for getting the £16.50 charge dropped, or at least cancelling the apparent £11 bill?

I remember when I was on Orange, the best way of getting any complaints dealt with properly was to contact the "Executive Office". Is there a similar point of contact for T-Mobile in order to get complaints heard & dealt with properly? Any contact details would be great.



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Sounds like the typical bunch of jobsworth tossers that are "Anynet" customer services - basically, they all tell you one thing but the guy who programmed their billing computers had other ideas :)

I'm having trouble finding a decent upgrade for my older-than-the-ark Vario II, which won't cost me an arm and leg to buy and isn't a G1 (they just don't 'do' what I want and there's no BT modem for my lappy).

It sounds like you've got a decent case for the Ombudsman if T don't see sense over this one.

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