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Display/Dimmed Backlight on despite locked

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Dear all,

...I have researched already this forum and on xda-developers, but have neither found a confirmation for this behaviour nor a solution to it. What I am concerned about is that the battery will drain when accidentally keys are pressed in locked state, e.g. carried in a holster.

Can you please check your VOX/S710/VDA if they behave the same?

I consider the following behavior to be ideal in locked state:

- any keypress: enable display - but not dimmed backlight

- left menu keypress: enable display and enable dimmed backlight

After keyboard is unlocked, the full backlight is active again.

Unfortunately the "display on" and "Dimmed Backlight on" cannot be separated obviously.

This is very similar to the Tornado behaviour in general - but the tools still behave differently :-(

I am still not where I want to be - do you have a clue?

thanks + bye



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Well - yes and no:

- display on: OK

- dimmed backlight: No

For a non transflective display only the first is barely visible, this is why it is combined.

With a cooked ROM (6.1 Rose 0.4, see XDA-Developers) I have seen the correct behaviour, i.e. only the left SoftKey will trigger the display+backlight, the others will save energy :-)

I'd like to have a German localized ROM though, so these cooked ones are not a permanent option for me (yet).

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I still think that this behaviour is correct and also useful. For example I simply use any key to display my (dimmed) screenblanker, an analogue clock.

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