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iPAQ 600 audio recording BUG?

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I have an iPAQ 610c, every time I record an audio file with any app (VITO, RESCO, windows notes, etc) it records fine until the screens backlit turns off (not the hole screen turn off, just the light) exactly in that event the recording starts to have a lot of noise like static. I already change the ROM to WM6.1 and the radio to the newest official release, .88 I think.

I contacted HP and they gived to me a new one but this one does the same thing, so this must be on all iPAQs 610c or even on all the 600 series

Give it a try

1.- set the backlit to 10 seconds (this way you'll wait less)

2.-make an audio recording with the windowsmobile notes longer than 10 seconds long

3.-play the file and listen carefully to the second 9 or 10 on the recording

As soon I have some spare time I''l upload some recordings of the problem.

Please sorry for my bad english.

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