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Basic software request!!

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Hi all, after searching far and wide for a basic program to work on windows mobile - i believe none exists at the moment that can help me.

What i need is a - what i expect would be a basic program that could assist with staking when gambling. I need one that could run a system that basically tells the user what to stake in his next bet.

The system is called called the reverse labouchere system - can be googled.

there are 5 numbers in a line 1,2,3,4,5

you bet by adding the outside numbers 5 +1 = 6 chips - Giving you your next STAKE.

if you win you add the winnings to the end


so next bet is 6+1 = 7 chips

if you lose you cross the outside numbers out


next bet is 5+2=7 chips.

you basically keep going until the line is all crossed out.

Would you have any idea how to put basic program together to show the line by simply pressing a win or lose button, it does the calculations for you??AMD SHOWS YOU NEXT BET. Probably needs a reset button too.

U tried to make one in excel but the functions are too limited in excel mobile.

Thanks for anyones help.

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in theory this would be very simple to knock up i think.

Whether a casino would appreciate you using it or not i dont know, I'd have to say they would probably not look kindly upon it & ask you to leave.

Like if you get caught counting cards, not exactly illegal but they don't like you doing anything that will help you slim to the odds. B)

Infact i may look at doing it as I've been pretty bored at home recently after work, though i am a lazy git so i'll probably just not be bothered :(

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