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This is a left handed phone

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I have an s730 and now have a s740

before I begin, I don't see the point of the slidey out keyboard, t9 is perfect. It is only once a week that I ever pop open the keyboard despite having had the 730 for a year.

on the s730 I can type away on the t9 and when I need a word that I know it won't find, I flick the keyboard open with my thumb, type the word, close it and continue in t9

if I hold the s740 in my right hand then the keyboard is impossible to open without turning the whole phone.

Also when I hold the phone when it is closed and i type with my right hand, my fingers curl around the back of the device pushing the keyboard open a little so the shole thing wobbles as I grip it.

When I close the 740 it is no longer in t9, as is was before. Have I missed some settings?

Is it just me?

The rest of the keyboard has taken a while to get the hang of, but it has to be the worst one since the lobster's

what does it take to get a well built candybar without a gimmicky keyboard with all the lovely internals of this phone? aaargh

rant over


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