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[NEW APP] Use HTC wired headset (microphone button) to play/pause/next with Manila Audio Tab

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This application allows you to play/pause and play the next track

on manila audio manager (music tab) with the wired HTC headset.

Works exactly as iPhone/iPod.

one long press on the headset's microphone button => play/pause

press quickly two times => play next track (if stopped, starts music)

Install the CAB in the internal storage.

This setup will overwrite default functions (voice recognition and redial last number) but once uninstalled you'll have back them.

Tested on Touch HD (blackstone) on many roms.

Should work on any htc/manila device.

Download link: http://www.codebreakers.it/pda/htc/AudioMa...tTool_Setup.cab



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AWESOME software as it actually works.

saves time so you dont have to take the HD out of ya pocket n risk gettin ur ass mugged lol

Cheers buddy

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