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Problem loading image,help a Noob

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i'm trying to load an image on screen on a wm 6 device...

but i can't understand how i have to put the path of the image...

here a piece of the code:

void DrawImage(HDC hdc)


	 IImagingFactory *pImgFactory = NULL;

	 IImage *pImage = NULL;

	 RECT rc = { 0, 0, 110, 88};

	 // Normally you would only call CoInitialize/CoUninitialize

	 // once per thread.  This sample calls CoInitialize in this

	 // draw function simply to illustrate that you must call 

	 // CoInitialize before calling CoCreateInstance.


	 // Create the imaging factory.

	 if (SUCCEEDED(CoCreateInstance (CLSID_ImagingFactory,




									 (void **)&pImgFactory)))


		 // Load the image from the JPG file.

		 if (SUCCEEDED(pImgFactory->CreateImageFromFile(

						 TEXT(""),		 [b]<- this is the problem: what write here??[/b]



			 // Draw the image.

			 pImage->Draw(hdc, &rc, NULL);







thank you

(excuse me for my bad english)

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Your code is copied straight out of the Imaging sample in the SDK where it shows the path as

TEXT("\\Program Files\\Imaging\\flower.jpg")

The root of the device is "\" and you have to escape the \'s.

Also, you cannot easily do Current Working directory (but I think there is a way in the Mail Merge sample).



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