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New utility released to help you create Manila wallpapers

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A very nifty little app has been brought to my attention over at XDA-Developers, courtesy of wmpoweruser.

Manila (aka TouchFlo 3D), the custom homescreen featured on a wealth of HTC devices including the Touch HD, Diamond, Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 is gorgeous to look at but creating a custom wallpaper theme for it is, well, a bit of a pain. Well, it used to be, but if you are a Windows user, XDA-Developers member 'maranell0' has the solution with his desktop application!

Creating a custom wallpaper for Manila couldn't be much easier!

The process...

  • Load or drag&drop the image of your choice
  • Press "Auto Crop & Resize" or select crop & resize options
  • Press the button "Convert" (optionally press "Landscape" & repeat steps 1 & 2)
  • Press the button "Create CAB"
  • Copy and install the CAB on your device

Nice eh?

The application looks extremely polished and works great. Best of all, it's FREE! Head on over to the XDA-Developers 'Blackstone' area to grab your copy!


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