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Vito Technology gears up for summer with a chance to win a device + a discount

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http://content.modaco.net/imagewell/new%20face.pngSome news below from our friends at Vito! A chance to win a new device is always good! <_<

"Vito Technology is getting ready for the summer and announcing its Summer Actions - cool initiatives to enjoy the hottest season of the year!

First of all the Vito Technology contest 'Give a new face to Winterface' opens today.

A lot of Winterface fans have expressed the desire to create new skins for Winterface and now the opportunity is here for them to do so! Get creative and send Vito Technoogy your new Winterface skins.
Vito Technology will collect them and show them on the http://blog.vitotechnology.com selecting "staff favorite" each week.
Vito Technology will select the best skins, adapt them and let our users download freely additional skins for the new Winterface version coming out in summer
with previous creators' agreement Vito Technology will name the new skins with the title given by its creator (feel free to use your personal name or use your creativity for it)
Great prizes are available for the best skins: a mobile device for the winner and bonus cards ($) for second and to fifth place.
A Few tips on how to take part...
format of skins should be png or psd, each element in the separate layer (further details on how to make it and an example psd file find on our blog)
send your skins via email to Olya vitotechnology com
follow updates and see your skins published on Vito Technology http://blog.vitotechnology.com/?p=78
send skins in the following 3 weeks
winners will be announced one week after
Please note that Vito Technology designers will have to work on the files sent by the participants or make sure they fit with the new Winterface technical requirements. Some changes might apply.

http://content.modaco.net/imagewell/zoomboard.gifVito Technology also understands that during summer a lot of people feel like changing style.

There's no better opportunity than this one to enjoy the super discount on Communication Suite - now only $24.95 (you save $15). Communication Suite changes the style of your Windows Mobile Phone giving it a complete remake and functionality. It includes 5 programs: Winterface, Fun Contact, SMS Chat, ZoomBoard, Weather and you pay for each of them even less than $5.

Not feeling like a whole new suite? Look at the discounted ZoomBoard - now only $9.95 (you save $5). ZoomBoard makes chatting, texting and writing on your phone just smooth and fast. We suggest to use it together with our new SMS-Chat. Think at how quickly you will communicate with everybody to organize that summer drink with all your friends. With ZoomBoard writing texts has never been so easy and quick."

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