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Skyfire browser on HTC Vox

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Hi All!

I thought I would try out the Skyfire web browser on my HTC Vox (its actually an Orange E650 but since I flashed it with FH's most excellent WM 6.1 ROM (see elsewhere on this forum), I guess its closer to the Vox than the E650).

Anyway, I was kind of drawn to the exciting features like being able to watch YouTube videos, supporting Flash etc. I tried a few websites to see how it performed and my adivce is quite simple really - don't bother.

I'll be sticking to Opera - I know it doesn't support flash, but its far superior as a browser in terms of speed, picture quality etc, but more importantly Skyfire is terrible to actually use - its sluggish, the controls are nothing short of awkward and after a very short while I just couldn't be bothered with it any more. Never got to check YouTube compatibility with it, I was already fed up with just trying to access "normal" websites!

Do yourselves a favour and leave this one on the shelf until a more useable version comes along!

Have fun,


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