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A question of dumping my rom for warrenty reasons

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I own HTC diamond from my carrier - Orange.

Its 1.93 rom.

I really wish to upgrade the rom, try different new roms for making the device faster and cleaner from things I dont use or need.

I read threads regarding dumping the rom and I understand that its possible.

Now after that, for upgrading to another rom I need to upgrade the hspl too.

This procedure voids the warrenty as well? Is it possible to dump that files also?

I dont want to void the warrenty.

I wanna be sure its possible to dump all the files I need in order to restore them for having my warrenty when I'll need that

I really appreciate the help.

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Ok, I managed to backup the four parts raw files and the spl.

I want to make sure a few things.

Does it mean the radio has been backed up as well?

After I'll cook this raw files into a flashable rom, does it mean that in the future, when I'll restore to that rom

And return to this SPL, which i also made a backup of it,

I'll still have my warrenty?

Does the details appearing in the Settings > Device information will be completely the same?

Sorry for the newbie questions, Its new to me and Not every single question has a full answer somewhere :D


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