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Touch Flo music player randomly stops?!

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Hi Guys

I'm a proud owener of a Touch HD. But I've just started to get some odd behaviour from Touch Flo. If I use the music player, some tracks refuse to play altogether. If a track does play, it'll only play for a few seconds before stopping, and if it does that it cant be restarted.

This happened after I changed/deleted/added alot of MP3's. I've tried regenerating the library but it hasnt helped. Tracks all play fine in WMP.

Any ideas? Alternativly, does anyone know of a 3rd party MP3 Player application, something "iPod" like with a good touch UI etc?


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Yup, you and loads of others! HTC reckon that you need to delete the "library.dll" file on the root directory on your storage card (apparently it has the red O opera logo next to it), soft reset, wait ten minutes and it'll be fine. However, I don't seem to have this file - and I'm always scared about deleting any .dll file! The next solution they came up with was to delete all the music files, soft reset, and then sync with WMP 11, wait ten minutes, and it'll be fine!

Can't be bovvered, Media Player will be fine for the moment. One more tab to take off the Flo3D...

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