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Possible to move email sub folders to another email account?

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Hi There,

So my question is quite simple (but it will mean a lot to me to get it solved):

Is it possible to move folders (with contents) from one email account on my PPC to another email account on the same PPC?

Right now I have an email account (which I sync with my webmail). However due to several factors I had to create a new account (which is in sync with the same webmail) on the same device. Now instead of having two email accounts with subfolders in both, I would like to move all subfolders and its contents from account #1 to account#2. Afterwards I will delete account#1

If it is only possible to move the contents (which is only emails) of the folders between the two accounts, that would be okay as will, as I can easily create sub folders and arrange the email from there…

Any help would be greatly appreciated… :D

PS: My service provider tells me that I can just sent the emails from one account to another by actually sending the mails again and then recive them again on the second account…they are of course correct, but it will take quite some time, and I am not willing to do so unless it is the absolute last solution…

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Can't do it on the PPC, but I do this in Outlook all the time. Just be aware that moving a folder with 100+ messages might take a few minutes. It also locks-up outlook for me (deadlock) if I attempt it during a send & receive.

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