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Paul Diston

Showing off the power of the TG01

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How about a super-smooth, 3d accelerated racing game at an iPhone whalloping 800x480 resolution? Need for Speed Undercover (which was reviewed on Modaco a few months back) looks and plays really well on the TG01. OK, it is not making the most of the TG01's features; other, lesser phones can play this game well. However, for a game on a phone (and a phone with a huge, high-quality screen) it will impress.

I'm told there is a demo out there which might tickle your fancy before shelling out the (massive) $10 for a game I've had a lot of fun with.



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FPSece might not be that impressive in the moment as it only runs in portrait mode with 1/3 of the screen, so NFS undercover might be the better choice, even if the WinMo Version is a downgrade of the IPhone Version.

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Does anybody need an evidence to impress to their friends with the performance of a 1Ghz microprocessor??

Download VSBENCHMARK 2007Be carefull!! It was a resolution problem. It only works on VGA (640x480) Fixed with Cotulla's WVGAFIX3 from XDA Developers (For instance works perfectly in this device, the only way to play some of that loved apps that can't be played on WVGA!!!:





TG01(High Performance)

Test 1_Graphics 8958

Test 2_Others 7824

Test 3_JPEG 15597

Test 4_Games 8437

Test 5_Sound 247 <<<<< ???


TG01(Energy saving)

Test 1_Graphics 4071

Test 2_Others 4498

Test 3_JPEG 6140

Test 4_Games 4793

Test 5_Sound 612 <<<<< ???


XDA Flame (Power MAX)

Test 1_Graphics 2056

Test 2_Others 971

Test 3_JPEG 1598

Test 4_Games 863

Test 5_Sound 3616


Amazing, isn't it?

PD I can't understand Sound test difference between High performance and power saving mode but....

Please compare with your previois devices (our your friends ones :) !! and give us the figures!!!)

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