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Email hits 3G networks harder than P2P

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A research director at Bell Labs has said that the e-mail is putting a heavy hit on 3G network compared with P2P.

Email puts a much heavier load on 3G networks than web surfing or peer-to-peer applications, according to Alcatel-Lucent's research wing, Bell Laboratories.

Mike Schabel, a research director at Bell Labs, said on Thursday that P2P and web surfing account for much of the volume of data carried by mobile broadband networks, but inefficiently managed applications, such as email, are the biggest resource hogs.

When you think about it, it does make sense... after all, a lot of people have push email while on the move.

Do you use push e-mail while on the move? Or polling the server for new messages? If so, how often does your phone polls the server? A great topic to discuss!

[Via: silicon.com]

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