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UAE Blackberry update was spyware

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UAE Blackberry update was spyware

An unauthorised update for Blackberry in UAE was released to customers where it contains a "spyware" according to RIM. They were sayng that it was sending private information back to the central server. Not very good...

An update for Blackberry users in the United Arab Emirates could allow unauthorised access to private information and e-mails.

The update was prompted by a text from UAE telecoms firm Etisalat, suggesting it would improve performance.

Instead, the update resulted in crashes or drastically reduced battery life.

Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) said in a statement the update was not authorised, developed, or tested by RIM.

If you're affected by this, it's recommended that you get the official update from RIM and install it on your Blackberry.

Are you worried about your private data? Do you encrypt your phone data?

[Via: BBC News]

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