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Phone gadget to diagnose disease

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Phone gadget to diagnose disease

Ever wondered what other uses a mobile phone can do, apart from making calls and texting? Researchers has developed a device where it can be used to dignose disease. And it's called CellScope!

Researchers have developed an add-on to a mobile phone that can take detailed images and analyse them to diagnose diseases such as tuberculosis.

The CellScope works as a so-called fluorescence microscope that can identify the markers of disease.

It is hoped the device will be useful in the developing world, where such medical diagnostics are rare but mobile ownership and coverage are common.

The research is published in the free-access journal PLoS ONE.

How cool is that? Very useful if you're in a developing world and rural areas as this device is very portable.

What other uses can a mobile phone do? Make coffee someday? ;)

[Via: BBC News]

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