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Inigo Montoya

R/W Hebrew for Excalibur!

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I've been playing around with my new HTC S620 for the past few days. Since I ordered it from Hong Kong I didn't have Hebrew on the device. Finally, after some work I managed to make the device read and write Hebrew correctlysmile.gif

The attached .cab file which I made works with the WM 6.5 * 3VOLUTION SERIES * ROM. The only thing you should be aware of is that in order to write in Hebrew you have to choose "Greek" from the language menu. It's not really Greek, it'll write in Hebrew. I made the keyboard layout file like a standard PC Hebrew keyboard with one difference: the letter "ף" is on the "W" key. You can change the layout by editing eT9.Excalibur.0408.kmap.txt in the Windows directory (notice! the 0408 file, not the 0409).

Please be aware! Anything that happens to your device is at your own risk. I take no responsibility!


1 ) Install the attached .cab file.

2) Go to the device Settings and in Regional Settings change the Locale to Hebrew.

You're all set! Enjoy!smile.gif


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