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What are the key values for the keyboard?

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Does anyone know what key value each letter is for the HTC Fuze\Touch Pro keyboard? I have the genpp Sega Genesis emulator but the arrow keys and button keys are all messed up. Im trying to edit the Sega CFG file to specify the value for each key but I cant get it to work. I go morphgear which "should" tell me the values of the keys and I used the results but nothing happened still when I used genpp emulator.

I want to config the arrow keys ANDDDDDDDD set the:

a,s,d keys to equal a,b,c on the Sega controller

q,w,e keys to equal x,y,z on the Genesis controller.

Has someone out there gotten teh genpp emulator to work on the HTC keyboard? If so what keys are you useing? I got the Picaro emulator and that was no good, I adjusted the keys and pressed the entries and they still didnt take effect in the game.

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