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Suggestion: Multisim Card / Provider / Settings / Switcher

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I'd really like to see someone pick this up as I genually believe it will be of some use not just to me but to others. So of the options may not be spot on etc as I am doing this with the benefit of the emulator only as I am still waiting for the Samsung to hit these shores.... any way here goes:

>> Flow map link http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/lh/photo/zr0...feat=directlink

Problem statement:

Some Android users may wish to have a second number either by using a dual sim which uses 001 / 002 etc codes to control the switch, or by manually swapping sims if roaming around countries on a regular basis. This profile setting could also be expanded to include settings other than MMS etc such as ring tones etc for different occasions.

One problem this also trys to address ( I experience this with WM6 ) is that some country’s like the UK have ‘virtual’ providers. EG ASDA runs on the Vodaphone network. Traditionally the wizard detects this sort of network incorrectly ( eg reads the providers code ) so you as a user may want to ensure your preferred settings are using for SMSC, MMS etc etc and for GPRS & WAP connections.

Two providers may also be used if using a works contract and a personal pay as you go sim for your self even when using the same provider such as O2 in the UK.

Another point is that if you do change sims a lot you really dont want to run the wizzard each and every time.

Application Function:

The user is able to replace the automatic wizard with this ( but still been able to run it if needs be to generate new settings easily to be stored ) . Once established settings and dial up connect ions etc etc are saved in to a ‘profile’ along with the network ID ( to resolve this Virtual provider issue ) and a pre defined dial code ( 001, 002 etc ) if using a dual sim.

On detection of a new sim if set to automatic current settings are checked and if the same no action is taken, if how ever its different its checked against stored profiles. If know it could be automatically implemented if set up that way or the user could get a confirmation

A manual switch is the same how ever if a dual sim is in use then the change code ( 001 / 002 ) should be sent first, a small pause and then implementation of the settings. This could be done via menu option or a home screen menu item. This process would allow an easy switch of profiles and the phone number with out switching the phone off.


This is by no means a final suggestion but a really good starter for ten just begging for some one to pick it up.

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Settings are automatically configured if the settings are 'known' to the device. e.g. you can have it setup your O2 APNs silently for an O2 SIM and different ones for a T-Mo SIM...


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