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Unofficially Upgrading to WM 6

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I have a Samsung BlackJack SCH-i601 BlackJack, which is identical to the SCH-i600 BlackJack, except that it operates on a different 3.5G/UMTS frequency (the SCH-i600 operates on W-CDMA 2100MHz, whilst the SCH-i601 operates on W-CDMA 850MHz), lacks a wireless networking ("Wi-Fi") radio and front-facing camera; the supported GSM frequencies are identical between the two devices.

I am considering upgrading this device to Windows Mobile: Standard 6 using someone else's ROM (my service provider, Telstra Australia, does not make a Windows Mobile: Standard 6 ROM available for its customers), but am curious about the risks and benefits of doing such a thing...

What sort of risks and benefits can I expect from upgrading to Windows Mobile: Professional 6 using someone else's ROM, and where is the best source to get this (bearing in mind that I'd prefer a generic ROM)?

As my thread suggests, Telstra and Samsung have repeatedly claimed that a Windows Mobile: Standard 6 upgrade is not available for the Samsung SCH-i601 BlackJack, but guess what?

I just found a link to the "ROM upgrade that doesn't exist"!


Anyway, this renders my thread pointless because it's an OFFICIAL upgrade. but thanks anyway guys...

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I haven't got it working under Microsoft Windows Vista - apparently the update only runs under Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP....

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