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Tommy Squeaker

Upgrade Recomendations

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Hello everyone,

Pretty much as thread title, i currently have a Samsung Omnia, the battery life is shocking, have to recharge it every night :)

Anyway, my 12 months is due up within the next few weeks and i would appreciate some recomendations on what to upgrade to, as i said i currently have an Omnia, before i changed the Omnia, i had each of the Varios, 1,2,3 and 4, went from Vario 4 to Omnia last year.

I don't know any other phones that are similar to the Vario and Omnia, so my choice is between the Touch Pro 2 or the Omnia 2, is the Omnia 2 even coming to T Mobile? I am leaning more to Omnia 2 because of screen and Camera.

Is there another phone i should be looking at? I'd prefer to stay with T Mobile, i only want another 12 month contract and T Mobile seem fine with that, well they have up until now ;)

Thanks for any advice ;)

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both are good phones, no doubt about that - I've got the TP2 myself, and very pleased with it I am thus far :) (only had it what, a fortnight or so). Best bet would be to put the specifications listings beside one another, find what you need, then what you want, and then what would be desirable. You'll then have a reasonable idea of which one meets your requirements ;)

I'd also read all the reviews I could find on both phones, different reporters have different angles to press, reading as many as you can find will give you a more rounded idea of what you're looking for ;)

Oh, and if you're happy with T-Mobile, stay there - you won't find many deals to meet it and, frankly, only Virgin come out ahead on data, but they didn't have the phone I wanted, so their loss was Vodafone's gain in my case <_<

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same situation as you.

You should check out the modaco section for the omnia : http://omnia.modaco.com

lots of new roms both official and custom, and you can also get the new winmo 6.5 and 6.5.1

My battery lasts me minimum 2 days. I've managed about 5 days though.

as for your contract, i'd suggest moving to solo. you can either go on a monthly basis or commit to 12 months and get a few xtra mins.

I worked out the costs involved and going solo and buying your own phone seems to be prety much the same and paying t-mob for it.

As for phones, like i said try the omnia section and see if ne firmwares float your boat. they do make the phone every more enjoyable, and i'm sure you'll be more then willing to keep it for a short while longer.

the omnia 2 is a very nice phone, but i prefer the Omnia Pro as it has a hw keyboard. It doesnt look like either phone is coming to t-mob, and if it does it could be a while. so solo would be your best bet. you can move over to solo 30days and wait till they get the phone and then move bak.

you seems to have a history with winmo, but have a look at the N900, also the g2 isnt bad but no hw keyboard.

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