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Orange expands its Mobile Broadband Portfolio - £5 Mobile Broadband and FREE dongle!

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Orange expands its Mobile Broadband Portfolio

Just received this! Orange is expanding its Mobile Broadband Portfolio - they are offering mobile broadband and a free dongle for under £5 per month. Bargain!

London, 5th August 2009: Orange has today expanded its mobile broadband portfolio with a selection of new price plans which includes a new offer of mobile broadband for less than £5 a month for existing Orange customers - the lowest pay monthly mobile broadband price plan on the market.

This builds on Orange’s commitment to offer UK customers greater choice and value, making it even easier for UK consumers to get online and get the content they want.

What a great price for mobile broadband. But it's for existing Orange customers.[/teaser]

Here's the full press release...

Monthly Tariff for Under £5

For only £4.89 per month, all existing Orange mobile (pay monthly and pay as you go) and home broadband customers can enjoy the Orange Internet Everywhere service. Available on an 18 month contract, this great value package comes with a usage allowance of 500 Mb per month and download speeds of up to 3.6mbps. Perfect for those who have low usage needs and just want to email and surf the web during the day.

Customers also receive a free Huawei E160e dongle in either black, white or pink which has been designed to also act as a memory stick so customers can keep their photos, music and films with them whilst on the move.

Early Bird Tariff

Starting at just under £13 per month, Orange is also launching three unique ‘Early Bird’ tariffs, providing customers with unlimited mobile broadband between midnight and 9am* in addition to their standard data allowance of either 1GB, 3GB or 10GB. These 12 months tariffs are well suited for those who want the freedom to download that little bit more without the worry of the cost – particularly those that download music or video clips, or commuters wanting to download large attachments on a regular basis whilst travelling to work.

Price Promise and Usage Alert

Orange is also taking steps to provide consumers with greater control over their mobile broadband usage by launching new software that alerts them when they are approaching their usage threshold. All new and existing Orange mobile broadband customers can download this software for free from www.orange.co.uk/updates.

What’s more, Orange is introducing an automatic monthly bill cap which means that from today, all Orange mobile broadband customers will not be charged more than an extra £40 a month if they accidentally go over their monthly data allowance whilst using their dongle in the UK**.

Asif Aziz, Director of Broadband and Home, Orange UK: “We are committed to building our mobile broadband portfolio so it provides customers with a range of flexible solutions to suit the lifestyle they choose. We also want to ensure we reward existing Orange customers, and believe that by offering them the cheapest pay monthly mobile broadband on the market – we really do offer great value for money.”

Orange’s mobile broadband was ranked number one for reliability in You Gov’s ‘Dongle Tracker’ report in April 2009 and rated number one best network for 3G coverage by Ofcom in July 2009.

To find out more, and to see full terms and conditions, visit Orange shops or http://www.orange.co.uk/shop

*Subject to a fair usage policy

**News comes further to Moneysupermarket identifying three in four people risk charges for unknowingly exceeding their download limit: http://www.moneysupermarket.com/c/press-re...pocket/0005787/

Thanks to Paul for forwarding this to me.

What are your thoughts about their latest offering? Are you going to get one?

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