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Vodafone Bonus Bank - get 10% back for every top up!

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Vodafone Bonus Bank - get 10% back for every top up!

Just came across this on the Vodafone website - a new scheme called Vodafone Bonus Bank where you get 10% back for every top up. For example, if you top up your PAYG credit, you get £1 back. For £20 top up, you get £2 back and so on. After 3 months of topping up that totals over £5, you can start spending your savings!

Here's the details from Vodafone:

Join Vodafone Bonus Bank and every time you top up, we'll give you 10% back. So, if you top up £10 we'll put an extra pound in to your Bonus Bank for you to save and spend at a later date. You can spend your Bonus Bank savings on TopUps or put them towards a new phone - whichever you prefer.

Top up with £10 and we'll put an extra £1 in your Bonus Bank. Top-up £20 and you'll get £2 - it really is that simple. After three months you can start spending your savings - so long as you have £5 saved in your Bonus Bank.

To sign up with this, for existing customers, text BONUS BANK to 2345, or call 2345, and select option 3.

What a GREAT scheme from Vodafone! To find out more about this, visit http://www.vodafone.co.uk/bonusbank

How much has you raised using this scheme and what did you do with these savings? New phone? Or just to top it up?

[Via: Vodafone]

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