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Mobile phones get cyborg vision

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Mobile phones get cyborg vision

Have you been to London and got lost? Don't know where the nearest Tube station are?

If you have iPhone then consider getting this application where it will tell you the nearest tube station. This was done by using the iPhone's features - the camera, GPS and accelerometer - with that, the overlay information "floats" on top of the camera's image.

It's a gift that was once the preserve of fictional cyborgs. Call it Terminator Vision - a view of the world tagged with rich, location-relevant information whilst your gaze flickers here and there.

But now this Augmented Reality (AR), as it is known, is materialising in the real world. Mobile phone operators, at least, are hoping it will be the next big thing as programmers learn to corral all the bells and whistles of smart phones - GPS, video, accelerometers - into "killer applications".

For the first time such AR is available for handsets. Via the video function of a mobile phone's camera it is now possible to combine a regular pictorial view with added data from the internet just as the fictional Terminator was able to overlay its view of the world with vital information about its surroundings.

Pretty cool to see how it works, and while I'm disappointed to see it's only available to iPhone, I'm hoping similar application will appear for other mobile phone's operating system.

Be sure to watch the video on the BBC News website (UK visitors only) to get the full understanding of how it works.

What do you think of this niffy application?

[Via: BBC News Technology]

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