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Ofcom: Sim-only users reach 20% as customers try to save money

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Ofcom: Sim-only users reach 20% as customers try to save money

More and more people has been switching to SIM-Only contract and keeping their existing mobile phone to save money on bills during the credit crunch.

More than 20% of the UK’s 30 million mobile phone users are on a Sim-only contract, as consumers look to save money on bills.

Ofcom published its sixth Communications Market report, looking into the £52bn mobile, telecoms, broadband, TV and radio industries last week (6 August).

The report found that 70% of mobile phone users would rather retain than upgrade handsets, as they look to save money. It also found that 20% of all mobile contracts since September 2008 were Sim-only.

Meanwhile, the regulator said that 24% of all new mobile contracts during the first quarter of 2009 were for one month only – up 10% on the same period in 2008.

I have known a few friend not renewing their monthly contract and going back to SIM-Only deals to save money which is understandable. My monthly contract has ended a few months ago but it's still a good value of money and plan to stay with this unless something good comes up.

Are you planning not to renew your monthly contract and go back to SIM only deals?

[Via: Mobile Magazine]

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