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[GAME] TOUCH BREAK (free game!)

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NEWEST VERSION: v0.0.1 (12/8 - 2009)





- Download CAB (latest version) here:



>>> :: DOWNLOAD :: <<<



"TOUCH BREAK" is a clone of Arkanoid / Breakout.

It's still on experimental basis, and lots of things don't work quite as they will in the finished edition - but it's still playable, and I VERY MUCH WANT FEEDBACK! ;)

- This game is auto scaling to all resolutions, but graphics have been optimized to run on WVGA. But don't hesitate - try it on your device, and see how it works - and report back here! :)

=> Issue 1: Zip downloaded?

>>> Just your browser playing tricks on you. Rename to .cab extension, and it should be able to install and work, just fine.

=> Issue 2: Error about Flash Lite player during install/run:

>>> Download and install:


=> Issue 3: Game is not fullscreen:

>>> Just choose "MENU", then choose "Fullscreen". ;)

=> Issue 4: Things run too slow:

>>> Too many balls are rendered, as they all have to collision detect. I will decide upon how many balls must be rendered at the most, later on.

>>> Annoying menu comes up if you tap and hold press too long. Just click anywhere else, and you're back in play.

How to play:

- Put your finger on the slide below the breaker.

- Slide sideways to move the slide.


- Highscores

- Levels

- and lots, lots, lots of other stuff... this is only a 0.1 version!



2009 - August, 12

Initial v0.0.1 release.


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