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As a personal project I'm trying to make an voice recorder for my windows mobile phone, as I'm trying to learn more about windows mobile development and slightly less importantly I have a need to record some conversations for reference(my gf keeps using things said in arguments that I don't recall which leads to yet more arguments :D ).

I'd like to be able to record to mp3 and WMA but one of them would be fine as I am aware that implementing recording of either of them could be hard. I'm not asking for entire code or other people's programs as I'd like to make this myself but I would appreciate some pointers in the right direction.

I'm aware that I cannot do this entirely in .netCF but as I have been using XNA to make games for my 360 I have a fair amount of C# experience and and would prefer to keep as much as possible in .netCF to make the most of this experience.

P.S. Any suggestions for placing index marks in the file to mark important moments would also be very welcome

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well Resco developer tools has an audio control... allows you to do everything you need, but it is part of their expensive pack and they don't allow you to buy each component individually..

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