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Apple and AT&T 'struck VoIP deal'

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Apple and AT&T 'struck VoIP deal'

After a few days of AT&T doing the "No Comment" statement, they has finally admitted that they have struck a deal with Apple to stop the popular iPhone applications from using AT&T's network for VoIP for their customers.

US telecoms giant AT&T has admitted that it struck a deal with Apple to prevent iPhone applications from using its network for VoIP.

VoIP allows voice calls to be routed over mobile internet but reduces a network operator's voice call revenue.

Apple and AT&T both responded to a federal inquiry into Apple's failure to approve Google Voice, a VoIP application for the iPhone.

Apple said that the app had not been rejected but is still under review.

I don't know about you, but I do not agree with this. You pay them for the data/calling plans. You paid for the mobile phone. Therefore you should be free to do whatever you want as long as you obey with their T&C/agreements. But to block a specific application & protocol just because they see it as a threat to their profit.

Perhaps they should see it as a developing technology and they should focus on improving the technology to be part of their network to give what the customers wants.

However the good news is that this deals has prompted an inquiry from the US's Federal Communications Commission (FCC). So we may see them backing off from this deal.

What are your thoughts about this deal?

[Via: BBC News Technology]

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