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Vodafone to launch converged services offering

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Vodafone to launch converged services offering

Following from my post last week - Orange launches ‘Social Life’ - the one-stop-shop for social networking on the mobile - it seems it has attracted some interest and Vodafone is one of them.

Vodafone People’ will combine social networking, SMS and map and app downloads, according to reports. The service will integrate social network messaging, and offerings such as backups, sync, maps and app downloads.

Reports suggested that Vodafone people will bring together messaging including SMS, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and IM services, into a contact-centric user interface.

Whoever's next? T-Mobile? 3? And will this help the customers with their social networking? I think yes. It will help them to find what they need and get them to use their data/calling plans as much as they can.

I think it's good to have some healthy competition. :D

What are your thoughts about the new Vodafone People?

[Via: Mobile Today]

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