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Internet access from abroad

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Just got off the phone from Three - they said that their "Three From Home" service has stopped which means no more UK rates while being in abroad - that includes Internet access from their great add-ons (i.e. £5 a month Internet access while in Italy)

I used that service last year when I was in Italy and it was great.

But no more. It's now £1.47 per MB and according to them, it's for receiving data. Which means another £1.47 per MB for sending data which works out costly (unless they made a mistake).

I called T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone - all of them came back saying there is no bundle for it. which is a shame.

As I am deaf myself, it works out a lot expensive if I use it as it's my method of communications, i.e. emailing.

Orange came out the worst at £4 per MB.

Vodafone - £4.99 per day for the first 25MB. After the first 25MB, it's extra £4.99 per day (or £9.99 per 50MB if using laptop)

T-Mobile - £1.50 per MB for Europe, £7.50 per MB for the rest of the world.

O2 - £3 per MB for EU and £6 per MB for the rest of the world

I can't believe there's no one offering a data package for abroad.

Does anyone know where I can buy cheap SIM card for Italy with the best rates for data?

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