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Run a internet speedtest on your phone!

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We all know you can test your broadband speed online, well now you can test your mobile speed too!

Headover to m.google.co.uk, search for "mobile speed test" or go directly to: http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed


A page like this will load (well it did with me using Internet Explorer). See on the bottom right, that little box telling you were you on relation to the page? Using your thumb scroll into the middle


You should start to see text, click on the "5k" speed test (doing this small test will redirected you too bigger files thus getting more fair results) Using the 5k test you should get his message


Click on "choose a larger file", this page should then load


Click the "1m" test, the site will they start to download a 1MB file and you will automatically be directed to the results page

post-522609-1252425540_thumb.jpg As you can see I can download from my room, using "G" at about 358Kb/s

I got this using HSDPA the other day


I'm using Orange UK

Post your results :)

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For browsing a internet @ mobile means the wap browser is enable then we can chk the internet speed. But i know to find the internet speed test from http://www.ip-details.com/. This for computer. Like the same is their any website or way to find the speed test for mobile......... if so pls inform me.

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