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I think it is fair to say I have become a bit fickle when it comes to handsets and I am really struggling to find the perfect one! My main usage is messaging, both email and SMS and as a result I wasnt getting on with my Touch HD too well as it lacked a keypad and was finding it a bit too big... despite the reviews I really faniced the iPaq Voice Messenger (as mentioned in the news section!) and a return to a 'candy bar' - so I bought one! Only problem is, it is performing like a complete dog! Before I send it back I was hoping someone could help me identify the problem......

I put my Orange SIM into the phone and setup the data connection, it successfully connected to our exchange server and synchronised contact and diary information without any issue. The handset is displaying that it is connected to Orange UK and has voice and data signals - the former can be seen to be working by virtue of the exchange connection. My problem is with the standard voice features of the phone and the general performance! I am currently not able to receive calls - calls to my number ring for the designated time before diverting to voicemail, the handset does not ring nor display a missed call. Also if I try to make an out going call the handset freezes either on the contact (typically) or simply displaying 'dialling'. More generally, the phone is performing like a dog, it will hang when you hitthe dial button, open an SMS etc......

I thought this was the handset but....... if I switch the SIM from my Orange SIM to my wifes O2 SIM - the phone works fine! Make and receive calls, send and recieve messages etc all work without an issue.... HELP!..... I am certain I am missing something simple and it must be tied to O or the SIM (which has no contacts or indeed other data AFAIK on it). Any thoughts whould be greatly appreciated, while trying to sort this out I am having to use a Blackberry so pls help!!



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