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HTC Focusing on Design

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HTC is trying to shift its image from business centric to a more consumer centric design. After it's recent acquisition of the design company One & Co, HTC are trying to make their designs more "people-centric," according Claude Zellweger, a partner at One & Co.

Some of this more consumer focus is evident in the Android devices with the Heros Sense UI, and the friendly icons and simple usage. By contrast, Windows Mobile devices still remain fairly business oreintated. The chins from the Hero, Magic and even the G1 will remain the preserve of Android devices (which as a WM user I find preferable).

"We're trying to strike a more fun note in software and hardware. These phones are less business-oriented and that should be reflected in their materials, forms and colors." According to Zellweger. One & Co is also trying to make HTC more consistant, "HTC had more of a shotgun approach before," HTC uses should have a "sense of coming home again" if they change devices.

With a new range of WM6.5 sporting devices coming soon, including the HTC Touch2 (pictured right), and probably the HTC Leo, we could be about to see a revolution in design. “We’re not scared to go places people haven’t gone yet.” says Zellweger.

[Via Forbes]

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This is foucsing on Design? I still think Diamond 2 is much better than Touch Pro 2 on design...(Maybe it's only personal preference.) But the technique is the most improtant. I'd rather buy an ugly but full functional phone than a beautiful junk.

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