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Motion-sensing Snowglobe available in Samsung App Store

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Brass Key Software has just released Snowglobe 1.0, a 3D snowglobe emulator for Windows Mobile touchscreen devices. It is available now in the Samsung Application Store for those in the U.K., France, and Italy. Availability in other locations and on other devices will follow.

Snowglobe uses the accelerometer in the Samsung Omnia and other devices to make the snow rise and swirl in a realistic manner when the globe is shaken. For devices without an accelerometer, you can also simply tap the screen to "shake" the globe.

There is a demo version in the first post here. The demo has a single globe background. The registered version has over 30 built-in backgrounds, as well as the ability to use an image of your own or to snap a photo to use as a background.

(Moderators, if you do not allow posts about commercial apps like this, I apologize. I did not see anything in the forum rules against it, however.)

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