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Can Some one help me compile this application? Like a Free Caller ID Spoofer

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Well, ive been trying to compile this for the wimo commnity, but its just not working right. Can anyone help me out? I would really like to see a free phone spoofer.

I know there is already an app out, but you have 1 free call and later you have to pay for it.

For this specific app that i want to compile, you get unlimited* 2min. free calls. All the extra junk you got to pay for, but atleast ur getting a free whole 2 min to call someone with a spoofed number.

Anyway any help would be much appreciated. I would really like to see this app on my i910 Samsung Omnia

Windows Mobile Project

Recently we've had a lot of interest in a windows mobile port of our bluffmycall.com mobile software. We've decided to share the progress we've made so far with the developer community and allow you to contribute and add help us make it the best! Currently the project is hosted on bitbucket. In order to obtain a copy of the project please take the following steps!

If you have any problems obtaining the source please email [email protected]

Source: http://bluffmycall.com/developer/

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