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[WinMo App] TeleSketch New Freehand drawing w/ email,mms,bluetooth,facebook

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TeleSketch Application (v1.1.0.14)

release date: 2009-10-02

TeleSketch is a sketchpad, not just a sketchpad, but Tele sketch. It means that you can share your sketch to your friends anywhere & anytime through email, MMS, Facebook or Bluetooth. It is easy to use, fun and fast.


Sketch everything you like,

Express yourself..!

Share it with your friends..

Create special made MMS

- sketch lovely MMS

- special for your beloved one.


Use it like a piece of paper - play XO games with your friend


Everybody can be a news reporter...

Tired of being lame amateur contributor news?

Need more speed to update news?

With TeleSketch, you can be a news contributor. Take a photo with TeleSketch, then add description with TeleSketch, send through email or publish in Facebook with TeleSketch. All done by one single application.


Socializing will be more fun

Share every moments with your friends

uploading to facebook

Want to share every happy moment?

such as your very first successful cooking lesson, just grab your PDA, take photo with TeleSketch, write a description then post it to Facebook. Isn't it wonderful?

Tested working on:

  • HP iPAQ Business Navigator
  • HP iPAQ 6965
  • Samsung SGH i780
  • Samsung Omnia SGH-i900
  • DELL Axim X51V
  • I-Mate 9502

Download Tele-Sketch WM5,WM6 EN:

Main Download


if you have any comments, bug report, suggestions, problems, you could send them to this email address


* Select various styles of your pen (thick, medium, thin)

* Canvas color selection

* Canvas size customizable

* Eraser

* Camera Capture

* Send through MMS, Email, Bluetooth and Facebook.

* Portrait / Landscape aware

* Fast MFC/C++ application, DOT Net not required

Greatest News: :)

It's Free. No Expired Date.

Are you satisfied?

If you really satisfied, please donate to us. Support the Author please

For only 5 USD we will send you a registration key. It will make your sketch free from our TeleSketch website link.


If you change your current PDA / PDA phone within one year, we will also give you one new registration key for free.


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For those who using Samsung Omnia SGH-i900, if you experience sluggish, not responsive touch screen, here comes the solution:

thanks to wen qiang

Use your favorite registry editor, go to [HKLM/Hardware/Devicemap/Touch]

Modify the value for Calibration Data to 519,503 177,881 182,129 847,127 849,872

Modify Click from 1280 to 2000 (decimal)

Modify DownUp from 256 to 750 (decimal)

Save the changes and soft reset the phone for the new setting to take effect.

The original data are derived from screen calibration when you touch the 5 points. So basically you don't really need to backup the original data this time, as you could always recalibrate the screen if you don't like the new setting.

btw, TeleSketch is up for download!

download: TeleSketch <release 2009-10-09>

Bug Fix: New Canvas Color previous color at border

Bug Fix: Installation destination '\Program Files\TeleSketch' moved for non-english user

Bug Fix: Configuration files at '\Program Files\TeleSketch' moved for non english user

Bug Fix: Temporary file '\Program Files\TeleSketch\tmpmms.jpg" moved for non english user

About Box: contain weblink


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Hi all,

thank you for make suggestions for us...

we then update and make some improvement on previous version

here's the new version:

download: TeleSketsa <release 2009-10-16>

- ** New ** Load File ask to resize canvas

- Modified: Menu New, submenu removed, now canvas size follow 'Settings'

- Bug Fix: Registration Problem

do make comments after download, yar?

thanks a lot!

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dear all,

really need your comments about this

here's new version, with more improvement...

download here for TeleSketsa <release 2009-10-30>

** New ** Camera rotate (left, right)

** New ** Load File ask to resize canvas

** New ** JPEG optimization selection, enhanced sharpness.

Bug Fix: Registration Problem

Modified: Menu New, submenu removed, now canvas size follow 'Settings'

Modified: Camera captured images now will be resize to canvas size

Modified: Canvas color now support 4 user define-able custom color

Modified: Simplified pen color customization dialog

Modified: Camera capture resolution selection (not always work)

please do testing, and make a comment after it...okay ^^

and please find the update version here: http://www.ptwahyu.com/usketch/

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here's the new version:

download: TeleSketsa <release 2010-1-14>

** New ** default & customized theme skin

see FAQ for description of the skin and how to customized your own skin

** New ** Setting: Camera Rotation 'Auto'

** New ** Setting: Last Opened Sketch

Bug Fix: active sync email account

don't hesitate to make comments after u try..thanks!


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