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Action urged on mobiles coverage

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Action urged on mobiles coverage

The Communications Consumer Panel and also Ofcom has pledged to investigate why there are such gaps of mobile coverage around the UK.

Living in Norfolk, I do feel there are poor mobile coverage in my area. No 3G at all from T-Mobile! So it's good that they are looking into this.

UK mobile operators need to do more to help customers who experience coverage problems, an advisory panel has said.

It recommends a "try before you buy" period in mobile contracts to enable customers disappointed by their new handset's coverage to switch operator.

The Communications Consumer Panel, which advises Ofcom, says about one-third of consumers and small businesses regularly experience coverage problems.

So how good is your mobile coverage in your area? Or no coverage at all?

A map below shows the 3G coverage and you could see some big gaps in some areas - do you think mobile operators are not doing enough to improve it?


[Via: BBC News Technology]

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There are a few real black spots in my area especially at work. O2, Orange and Tmobile all say that I'm in a good coverage area but due to landmass featuresthat's not quite the case.

Unless you are in the correct part of the site at work ie the carpark or on the top floor of the building reception is non existant apart from Vodafone but then we do have transmitters on site due to Voda being a prefered supplier.

Shame I don't use Vodafone :)

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